Should The Nhs Provide Electronic Cigarettes On Prescription? | From The Observer | The Observer

e cigarette

Nicotine is the most addictive of all drugs. By rights, Marx should have written “religion is the nicotine of the people” and not let opium have a look-in. So let us, for now, have our fake cigarettes and our nicofix but, pretty please, let us pay for it.
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No minor issue over e-cigs – Central Okanagan News –

Brett (last name withheld to protect his son’s identity) was shocked when he found out about the purchase after his son was suspended from school.He went down to the store right away to ask them why they are selling them to minors. The owner had no problem with it, he compared it to buying the old candy cigarettes to energy drinks and that it was perfectly fine, said Brett. He went to the RCMP, the District and the school principal to voice his concerns. You know at 12-years-old they are starting to explore and ready for high-school next year and that means they are out and about and can get their hands on these things, said Brett. My concern is encouraging smoking and other drugs and getting kids to want to try it. Brett says buying fake smokes is as easy as buying penny candy.
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