Official: Feds Should Look At E-cigs On Planes –

Deadly Explosions Added to List of E-Cigarette Dangers – Yahoo News

“If that airplane had taxied out and got airborne it might have been a very different story,” Freni said Friday. E-cigarettes, which turn a liquid nicotine solution into a vapor, are typically powered by lithium-ion batteries. They are considered personal devices under U.S. aviation rules and are treated like other battery-powered devices, such as laptop computers, cellphones and cameras. Like cigarettes, however, passengers can’t use e-cigs in-flight.
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8) after an incompatible charging device led an e-cigarette to blow up, and cause the explosion of a nearby oxygen tube from an oxygen concentrator, the BBC reported . In July, another case of a person using an incorrect charging device for an e-cigarette led to a fire that ignited an air-horn canister and caused an explosion that destroyed part of a house, the BBC found . “It wouldn’t surprise me to hear of more of these incidents happening,” said Dr. Michael Steinberg, an internist at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Some former cigarette smokers who turn to e-cigarettes have chronic lung diseases such as emphysema, and may rely on oxygen concentrators to help them breathe, Steinberg told Live Science.
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