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Here are the original website and citations sources: http://www.scoop.it/t/ecigarettes-1/p/4020811686/2014/05/05/is-vaping-doomed-after-all-with-images-smokeless

 And what’s more, initial reactions – including those expressed right here on Smokeless.net – were mostly those of relief. How naive to think things could be what they seem – (please pardon the cynicism) – heck there wasn’t mention of flavors, e-liquid or nicotine strengths.No axing of online sales (not officially at any rate) and as the responsible majority hoped to see the issue of age-restriction is tackled head on. Brands and Vapers alike blu electronic cigarette don’t want children to be exposed to e-cigarettes, most of whom restricted under-age sales already through their own initiative.
Look into original and much more information from material source by checking out below:. http://www.scoop.it/t/ecigarettes-1/p/4020753793/2014/05/05/jim-oliver-google-this-is-super-serious-stuff-for-all-ecig-users-and-vapers